M2 System

What is the M2 System?

Mission:MathMinds created the M2 System which stands for Mentor-Mentee System. This is where girls in grades 3-8 that need help with math can get free lessons with middle and high school girl mentors. Girls who need help with math problems can come online, fill out a required form, and fget matched with a mentor! All mentors are girls who go to registered middle and high schools (7th-12th). Mentors who are in high school are eligible for getting service hours for teaching. Our system is so amazing because both sides are getting helped, the Mentor and the Mentee. Girls are motivating other girls in math by helping them out! You may ask yourself, “Isn’t this just some tutoring program?”, no. Mentors are getting experience teaching young girls and they are being part of our change. Younger girls are able to relate to older girls which helps them go farther in math. Mission:MathMinds want to encourage girls to inspire and help girls in math. The more our organization can do to support the change in the gender gap.

To become a mentor, click here.

To become a Mentee, click here.

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