The National Competion 2022

Female Role Models in STEM

Technical Report Outline


The three main points to touch on are the social issue chosen, the key concept chosen, and how the project addresses them both. What drew you to the social issue? What is your connection to the key concept? Are you passionate about solutionizing the issue? How does your project change the social issue’s current state? Why should attention be brought to the social issue? What does your project do, in simple terms?

Key Concept(s)

Describe the concept(s) chosen and your passion for it. What is your past experience related to this concept, if none, what do you hope to do with your passion for this concept? What does the gender gap look like in relation to the concept(s)? Describe how your project works, technically. How does the project function? How is the concept incorporated?


Your project is meant to positively influence your community in some way. Depict your community’s experience in regards to how your project improved their quality of life. Describe your experience building the project. How did it change your view on the societal issue?

Female Role Model

Here is where you write about your female role model and how they have affected your life in a positive way. How does she inspire you? What work has she done to impact and improve the community? Talk about why she is your role model and your story with her.

Appendix (optional)

If your project includes any technical terms, intricate formulas, or sorts of that, please describe them here to help us better understand your project.

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